As the first Rheometer designer in China , we began to study Rheometer since 1970. At present, about 40 percent of our machines are exported. We hold about 75% shares of export of the same category machines in China . We are the first producer of Rheometer and Mooney Viscometer in China , which was approved by CE. 

RADE has very good reputation in rubber industry field, because we keep improving ourselves, introducing innovative methods to the production, developing new technology and products to meet the demands of the market. With the improvement of our technology, the turnover is greatly increased.

     We take part in the works to draft the Chinese government standard for Rheometer and Mooney Viscometer.In rubber industry, instruments of RADE play a tremendous role in the production and research scopes of rubber.

       Advanced technology, professional experience and stable qualification are the basis of our products. Wed like to develop together with every customer.

      The rubber measurement instruments(include Rheometer , Mooney Viscometer and Tensile) are detecting facility used for analyzing and measuring peculiarity of rubber. Rheometer is used for testing the curing characteristics of mixed rubber. Depending on it,the performance indicates for rubber material,such as scorch time,vulcanization time,torque module and smoothness of vulcanization,can be obtained. While Mooney Viscometer is used for measuring viscosity and relaxtion of base rubber, raw rubber stock or rubber mass prevulcanization properties, it is also used for measuring viscosity in Mooney value for compounded or uncompounded unvulcanized natural, synthetic or regenerated rubber. Tensile are designed to test a wide spectrum of materials including metals, plastics, rubber, textiles, paper, yarn, wire and etc.

Reference standard:
<Specifications of Roterless Curemeter>(HG/T3009-2003)
< Specifications of Mooney Viscometer >(HG/T3242-2005)