Features of  Our Instruments

Easy to use the instrument

Our instruments both have full duplex automatic control system ,and is generally equipped with the computer and printer.In a test, only actions needed to be done by operator are to put the sample into and take it out of the dies,all other operations are completed by computer.All data and curves can be saved automatically or saved by operator into the given place and given file.Operator can save and print multiple test curves and data simultaneously and statistical calculation result can be shown for easy comparison.

With higher safety property

Serise C3 have automatic door and all of the electric components are CE corresponding.

Rate of temperature increase

Temperature can be increased up to 185 within 7.5min,and recovery time when beginning will be less 1.5min. For Mooney Viscometer,temperature can be increased up to 185 within 10min,and recovery time when beginning test will be less 2min.And temperature fluctuation will be within 0.1.

Temperature control

All instruments adopted the way of PID to control temperature .Using Pt100 as temperature sensor. Adopted thermal insulation materials arround the die, which is very useful for keep up the temperature of the die.
Advantages as follows:direct control of die body temperature,higher antiinterference capability and quick recovery of die temperature,that are beneficial to enhancement of accuracy for high-temperature test and fast detection.


The smallest size and weight in all of the same type instrument in the market.
The die was designed to international standard ISO.

With lower noise when working, 55db