DFM-C Dynamic Fatigue Machine

       DFM-C is a Dynamic Fatigue Machine used for testing the shearing fatigue characteristics of rubber-steel sample. Configured with heating oven and mobile frequency system, DFM-C provides 25KN load sensor which can keep real time load monitoring and auto-recording into database. DFM-C includes real-time tracking load measurement and new features such as automatic recording test results, and includes frequency control of motor speed, heating oven, which suitable for detecting material mechanics performance, thermal performance in the fatigue process, obtaining the characteristic parameters of material strength, fatigue life.


Ø  Speed: 1~2000 RPM or up to 33.3 Hz

Ø  Testing Travel: 6mm

Ø  Max. Load: 25KN

Ø  Heating Oven, Room Temp~100, Liquid Nitrogen for -70

Ø  Power: AC220V, 50Hz, 3A

Ø  Net Weight for main unit: About 500Kg

Ø  Main unit Size: 780(L)x1000(W)x1600(H)  mm


Test Speed

1 to 2000r/min

Reciprocating travel distance


Maximum force in traction


Heating room

Room temp to 100 degree

0 to -70 degree with liquid Nitrogen

Working status

Two sides shearing

Safety devices

Safety cover





Test Result