GPT200 Gas Permeability Tester

     GPT200 can measure the permeability of rubber to gases under steady-state conditions. The tester can be used for evaluating the air permeability of inner tyres, tubeless tyres, hoses, balloons and other rubber containers, seals and films. GPT200 works with gas chromatography system. The cavity of a test cell, maintained at a constant temperature, is divided by a disc test piece into a high-pressure and a low-pressure side. The high-pressure side is connected to sample gas(N2) while the low-pressure connected to carrier gas (H2), the N2 permeates into the H2,which is a very low volume and can be measured by gas chromatography system. Following ISO2782,GBT 7755.

Ø   Features

  • With Omron touch screen, more stable and easy operation.

  • With PLC controller and E5EC temp gauge, can keep long stable running.

  • With H2 and N2 generator can keep stable testing for the whole process.

  • Gas chromatography can get the higher accuracy permeability coefficient.

  • Auto-save with database and browsing function and report output.

  • Data analysis automatically following the equation as below: